This was the original idea:

1955 - 1959 era bus. 24" wheels. low-pro tires. efi motor. air bags. interior ideas? replace windows? roof deck? attached smoker?

I can tell you that although it has not made it anywhere near that look on the "coolness" scale, it has been every bit as fun as we thought it would be. Maybe well get there as soon as our pocket books catch up with our dreams. We'll call it Vision 20-10. :)

We'll be tailgating every game. Come find us and introduce yourself. Check out our gallery for more pictures.

Tailgating in Aggieland

More information coming soon.

Grameday Rivals Ultimate TailgateGrameday Rivals Ultimate Tailgate - Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our flaming pile was featured as a Gameday Rivals Ultimate Tailgate Bus of the Week. Thanks for the Hollywooding guys. It was fun. I can see you really know your stuff when it comes to editing. I don't look nearly as stupid as I felt talking on camera.

See the clip here:

Visit them online here:

Become a friend. Watch some of their videos. They're doing great work all over the nation. It's fun to see some focus on the fans.

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Featured on - Saturday, March 7, 2009


Michelle and the group at Tailgate Lot saw fit to add us to the mix. We're honored.  Check out their site and the write-up. The Brunes are famous!



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2008 Upddates - Friday, August 29, 2008

OK, so lots of updates in this initial one:

  • Website is now up and (currently) being updated regularly.
  • Bus paint was touched up a month ago.
  • Air bags were put off another year. No shop space to perform required heavy lifting and storage.
  • Inside was painted in the last week by Flem and David. Amazing transformation.
  • Wheels were cleaned up and repainted by Seth. Looking good!
  • Antonio tinted all of the windows over the course of a few sessions in the last month.
  • Tshirts are in. Very few extras were ordered.
  • Register on this site if you want to be in the loop for any possible re-orders, future orders, or other tailgating mayhem agenda items.
  • Pics, there are over 200 photos online. Viewing requires registration to protect tailgaters privacy.
  • Now taking nominations for official tailgate welcoming committee.
  • See you tomorrow, it's go time!
  • Bus arrival time is 11ish.


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